Preparing Teachers for increasing and changing technology

How do we assure teachers are getting the training they need in digital-supported teaching methods?  In a world where technology is ever growing and ever changing there is a lack of proper teacher training in how to use technology across the curriculum.  Too often teachers are given equipment they are unfamiliar with and shown the basic running procedures.  What teachers really need to know is how to best implement these tools in instruction.  I will be looking into the struggles many teachers face and how schools can improve their in-service training.  In addition, steps that can be taken prior to obtaining a teaching certificate that can help future teachers get a leg up on technology.

I chose this topic because I personally find technology intimidating.  When I graduated high-school computers were awfully simple.  They had nothing even close to all the bells and whistles they have today.  I have managed to somewhat keep up with the changing times, my fourteen year old son helps more often than he likes.  However, I want to be a teacher who can give my students the opportunity to develop digital competence.  If I am to do this, I will need to explore where my training is lacking, where I can find resources, and what I can do to help my future employer conduct in-service.

My research has led me to discover a few helpful links that I am now following on twitter

Blogs about educational technology

Dereck Bruffs blog on teaching and technology

-Ten Ideas for Teaching Teachers Technology.

Hopefully I will learn more as my research continues.  With luck I will become a tech savvy teacher.


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