How to get new teachers interested in technology?

In my research I discovered an article stating that many preservice teachers preferred traditional teaching roles that reflected the experience they had as students.  What this means is there are a large number of education students out there that are hoping they can teach as they were taught, using little to no technology.  This could be a resistance to change, but the reality is effective teachers use all the tools available to them.  How do we get these future teachers on board with technology?  To start maybe we should incorporate more technology in our degree program.

Our colleges and universities have a responsibility to teach their preservice teaching students how to effectively integrate technology into their curriculum as opposed to only offering separate courses about technology.  This means that in addition to my Instructional Technology class I should be learning and incorporating technology in all my classes within my major.  This is important because incorporating technology will give me a leg up and more confidence as I move into teaching. Does this happen?  Well, not really.  I am taking the majority of my University classes via distance learning.  I am video confreneced into University of Montana classrooms where I participate with other students.  Working through some of the  technical difficulties invloved in this certainly has given me some experience with technology.  However, aside from that,  my instructors are not giving me much experience and guidance in using technology.  If my professors really wanted to make sure I was ready to incorporate technology into my future teaching then I should be getting far more experience.  Sure, I am asked to write papers, create lesson plans, and take tests.  What I want is practice using technology in the classroom.  In most of the lesson plans that I am asked to create a technology component to demonstrate Universal Design for Learning  is required.  I have found myself more often than not adding videos to meet this requirement.  I wish I was taught some of the other ways I could incorporate technology.

Some future teachers are capable of learning and experiencing technology on their own.  I am not one of those.  I am expected to be an effective teacher and held accountable for my actions in the field.  I would benefit greatly if my college professors would take the time to walk me through incorporating technology.  I do get some of this in my Instructional Technology class, but to get fully invested in teaching with technology, I need far more experience.

For more information

Office of Educational Technolgy Article




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