Why we should use technolgy in the classroom?

There are a lot of reasons to incorporate technology in the classroom.  I can remember having to write papers as a child and actually having to cut out news articles and glue them onto a sheet of paper to submit as my research.  What a changing world we live in now!  Lets say I have a student who needs to write a paper on China.  That student can find updated maps online, can see pictures and real time images.  I can have them plan a tour and create an itinerary for their trip.   They can conduct  research on culture using the National Geographic website.  The options are endless.  Why would we as classroom teachers not want our children to explore as much technology as possible.

One school of thought on classroom use of  technology is that it is a great resource for creating worksheets, surfing the web, and skill and drill tests. This is not en effective use of technology.  Instead we should use it to promote student centered learning, develop critical thinking, and as a mode of collaboration. We can pace it at the students ability lavel, and use it to communicate with family members and other teachers and professionals. Technology also helps us to reach a wide range of students.  Those that are low in socioeconomic status may not have the opportunity to experience advanced instruction in their classroom.  Through technology they may be able to get the instruction their school can not fund.

Here are two great resources for establishing a  connected learning environment in the classroom, remember we always want to use technology that supports our lessons

The Math Forum-valuable instructional resources, interactive lesson activities and support materials.

Teachers.tv-multimedia resources with a mission of spreading best practices in education.






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